Professional background: Graphic Design and Multimedia

In the Academy Xi Virtual Reality Design course, Nikhil Bora experimented with ways to support people with deaf or hard of hearing. Through immersing hearing people in a virtual environment that simulates what the world is is like for deaf people, Nikhil hoped to generate greater deaf culture awareness.

It was this question that sparked Nikhil’s interest in Virtual Reality technology and how it may be used to increase education and awareness of the deaf community. Nikhil explains that it’s not just educating people in developing countries, where schools have limited funds to train teachers, but in Australia and New Zealand too. The problem of education is faced by every country.

At the time of the course, Nikhil’s personal project was still in the preliminary stages, but he hoped that in the future, by immersing hearing people in the environment of a person with deaf or hard of hearing, there will be a better understanding of deaf culture.

Interview with Nikhil

“My passion is learning about new innovations, technologies and skills. I decided to learn virtual reality in order to advance my career in digital and work on my upcoming personal project.”

Learned at Academy Xi

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Nov 2018


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