Professional background: Service Design

As a Service Designer, the Blockchain — a technology that provides permanence, authenticity, and a trust was extremely fascinating for Josh. After dabbling in the Blockchain for some time, Josh decided that taking the course was an opportunity he couldn’t miss!

The greatest learning from the course was uncovering the constraints, considerations, and strengths of the Blockchain. Josh got hands-on with the Blockchain through a logistics and environmental management project by WWF. To solve manual data entry problems that exist with many Blockchain supply chains, Josh used pen data sources like Satellite imagery to provide farmers with an easy, no-fuss solution to prove their sustainability practices to customers.

For Josh, the best part of the course was the balance of the Blockchain theory, experience design, and product management. His proudest moment was seeing his work live on the Ethereum Ropsten Testnet.

Interview with Josh

“I wanted to cut past the hype and understand the restrictions and considerations of designing a Blockchain product. The opportunity to build an MVP during the course made it real for me, allowing me to unlock countless possibilities to design better experiences.”


Learned at Academy Xi

Get Upskilled with a Part-Time Course in Blockchain Product Design

Nov 2018


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