Professional background: Management Consulting

For Alex, immersing himself into the world of Growth Marketing wasn’t just an interest — it was a necessity. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Primary; a tool that allows business, development, and design teams to create seamless user flows, Alex faced the same challenge most startups face — learning how to scale a product from initial ideation into a full launch.

Alex learned that activating customers at the right stages of the marketing funnel enabled him to build strong client relationships and brand advocates. Having targets and goals allowed his team to establish a strong product roadmap that validated design decision on customer feedback.

“Being able to distil and apply what I learned from the course in any business situation” is one of the greatest opportunities from Alex’s Growth Marketing experience.

Interview with Alex

“Through the course, my biggest learning was testing and having targets and metrics. By uncovering the customer’s stage in the marketing funnel, I have been able to work to incrementally increase my email subscribers by 28%!”


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