Professional background: Augmented Reality Designer and Director of Limpid Logic

Bachir El Khoury, is a serial tech entrepreneur and founder of Limpid Logic where he leads a team of designers, gamers and engineers, working with leading-edge technologies in IoT, mobile, Augmented and Virtual Reality. In the recent years, they've embarked on a mission to change how we design, build, and sell property, through innovative tools and leading-edge technologies such as Microsoft Hololens.

Bachir is a big believer that technology makes us more human, and it is the natural evolution of the human race. His strong creative background and over 20 years in software and game development, have placed him at the intersection of the creative and technical worlds. This allowed him to build a world-class creative and technical team, is on a mission to explore the digital world and the future, and bring back to the present, new ideas and human experiences, through beautiful design and technology.

Taught at Academy Xi

Get Upskilled with a part-time Mixed Reality Design course

Nov 2018


Other Instructors

Jenni Philippe
William Wang
Pedro Rosas
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