Empowering the next generation of change-makers: Gen Xi

Gen Xi is a series of innovation and entrepreneurship programs whose focus is to shape the design and technology leaders and innovators of tomorrow: our youth.

We believe in lifelong learning and believe that a passion for learning starts early. The global pace of technological change is urging us all  to collaborate with schools, colleges and universities to ensure that today’s youth are equipped with essential digital skills. 

Working with many forward-thinking organisations, we’ve successfully completed a number of programs, workshops and events that have highlighted how capable and ready our youths are.

Capturing a child’s imagination:

A child’s imagination is unparalleled, but the reality we live in often suppresses this innate ability. At Academy Xi, we create environments that help unlock the innate creativity of our youth. We plant seeds of opportunity to help them harness and develop their imagination.

  • Future-focused events and bootcamps: The next generation live in an age of disruptive technologies. We host events to help our youth flourish in a fast-evolving digital environment.  
  • Education with top-of-the-range tools: We’re empowering the next generation of innovators with Augmented Reality workshops and Virtual Reality Bootcamps.

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