Virtual reality is the next big thing. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

It’s hard to miss the impact that AR and VR technologies have had this year. Google’s low-cost ‘Google Cardboard’ headsets are being shipped out in the millions while ‘Pokemon GO!’ has transfixed the world, with people catching pokemon in Augmented Reality, en-masse. Meanwhile, the big names are releasing their own, more sophisticated, headsets. Microsoft’s Hololens AR development kits are shipping out this year for a cool $3000, and Google is set to release the much anticipated ‘Daydream’, a ‘platform for high-quality mobile virtual reality’.

We’re in the steady transition phase—the calm before the storm—as we start to see virtual reality move from specialised and expensive, to accessible and wide-spread. And just like the steady rise and then explosion of life-changing technologies like the Internet and mobile devices, VR and AR are getting ready to permeate our daily interactions. If you’re interested in getting into this burgeoning area of technology, now is the time to take action!

Some things you should be paying attention to:

Companies, big and small, are investing in VR.

Mark Zuckerberg’s confidence in VR was marked back in 2014 with his 2 billion investment in Oculus Rift. Two years on, we’re seeing Pokemon GO take the world by storm. According to TechCrunch, Venture Capitalists have invested 1.2 billion in this year alone. And it’s not just big-name companies and VCs seeking out VR talent; according to Jeremy Schifeling, CEO of Break into Tech, “Given that Microsoft and Oculus/Facebook—the two largest employers—account for less than 2% of all VR gaming professionals, there’s much more opportunity in the long tail.”


It’s exciting stuff; applications for VR are growing.

Though gaming giants like Playstation, Steam, and Valve have been some of the early adopters of VR and AR technologies, the applications are endless, and forecast to rise in the not-too-distant future. According to Nate Beatty in Monster, co-founder of IrisVR in New York City, “Industries like architecture, engineering and construction will undoubtedly use VR for 3D design, while medical, military and education will certainly take advantage of the tech to do simulations, safety training or to enable people to experience and explore remote places or inhabitable environments.”


The demand for VR skill-sets has jumped.

The has not gone unnoticed by tech-oriented companies around the globe. Pushing to get ahead of the curve, we’re seeing a jump in demand for virtual reality skill-sets, according to Karsten Strauss in Forbes. The verdict is out, VR jobs are on the increase: Road to VR’s WANTED Analytics show that the demand for virtual reality knowledge went up 37% year-over-year, and SmartRecruiters’ stats indicate that “more VR job postings have cropped up in the first quarter of this year than all of 2015”. We’re not expecting this demand to cease anytime soon either; in SMH, Chris McDonald from Indeed points out that, because the ‘commercial application [of Virtual Reality] grows in tandem with mobile and tablet use, we expect to see more related job opportunities across numerous industries in Australia over the next five to 10 years.”


How to get started:

Breaking into the VR industry can seem daunting. The good news is, it’s as easy as:

  1. Equipping yourself with in-demand VR skills. Academy Xi’s Virtual Reality courses are designed to give you the entire spectrum of required knowledge, straight from industry leaders that have insight into the inner workings of the VR tech space. Students learn best-practice methodologies, practical skills and the necessary knowledge to become the next wave of VR experience designers and creators.
  2. Connecting with others in the industry. Get to know the industry by getting to know companies and individuals that are working in VR currently. The Academy Xi community connects with industry professionals and key figures across multiple fields of VR, UX, design and local businesses. Our classes are the perfect space to connect with other like-minded individuals and teachers. We actively share opportunities with our student community.


Now you know what to do, go forth and create amazing Virtual and Augmented reality experiences! Academy Xi next Virtual Reality Course begins 10th October, Apply Now to secure your spot.


Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to study with us:

  1. We are pioneers in the edu-tech space, being one of the first in Australia to offer VR courses.
  2. Our teachers are hand-picked; they are insiders in the VR and AR industry.
  3. Our courses are designed to take you from complete beginner to a mini-pioneer.
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