For Alex Handley, immersing himself into the world of Growth Marketing wasn’t just an interest — it was a necessity. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Primary; a tool that allows business, development, and design teams to create seamless user flows, Alex faced the same challenge most startups face — learning how to scale a product from initial ideation into a full launch.

After the evolution of his initial prototype, Alex launched Primary in beta through the Melbourne Accelerator Program in December 2017. With a solid technical foundation within his team, Alex recognised a gap between creating a good product and connecting that product to a business’ end users.

To bridge this gap, Alex decided to embark on Academy Xi’s Growth Marketing course. The course helped Primary establish product-market fit and generate awareness, nurture engagement, and convert the right customers.

“Besides the requirement of Growth Marketing for Primary, I enjoyed this course because it is founded on similar Design principles I was already doing. Growth Marketing is centred around customer empathy and understanding user’s needs to experiment and validate results using metrics and analytics,” says Alex.

His biggest takeout from the course was learning how to adopt a marketing mindset that tests all business decisions. “Experiments allow you to make changes and learn much faster and drive measurable impact. I didn’t realise there were so many growth formulas and methods out there as before the course I was just stumbling in the dark” notes Alex.

By measuring results and pivoting where necessary, Alex was able to achieve impressive results with Primary. Through testing marketing variables and quantifying measurable objectives, Primary incrementally increased their email open rates by over 30%.

“At first I wasn’t testing anything with email — like what makes a good or bad email for your users? After testing different components, I’ve been able to increase my subscriber numbers, and over time, these 4-6% increments have made a huge difference. It’s amazing.”

Alex learned that activating customers at the right stages of the marketing funnel enabled him to build strong client relationships and brand advocates. Having targets and goals allowed his team to establish a strong product roadmap that validated design decision on customer feedback.  

For Alex, being able to “distill and apply what I learned from the course in any business situation” is one of the greatest opportunities from his Growth Marketing experience.


If like Alex, you’d like to learn how you can scale up your idea or business, you can with our Growth Marketing course.

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