Reflections from Graduating UX at Academy Xi

Ever wondered what it’s like studying UX?
What is the experience like and how is what you’ve learned transferrable into the industry?

Up to 15 students, every week, for 10 weeks in a row. Although not an easy process, our UX students work hard starting from research all the way to their final presentations. From wearable apps, social enterprise, to artificial intelligence — there was a diverse mix of innovative concepts that sought to solve real problems in the world.

Observing their progress to date, what are some of the key takeouts from studying UX, and what should you be aware of?

  • Consistency and Practice

To become a UX designer, it requires a lot of diligence in building a portfolio of work. It takes a lot of practice and many of our students juggled full-time jobs while studying UX. Every week, our teachers checked in with them and we learned of the many challenges and iterations they had to go through.

Turning up in class, consistent practice of learnings, and having a goal or outcome in mind really helped keep them focused on the course and delivering on their projects.

  • Customer First and Progressive Design

One of our star pupils Benji Chan designed HotDoc to simplify the GP appointment process via a mobile booking system. Conscious and understanding of his customers’ needs, Benji became one of the first students to design a wearable app to complement the mobile app, optimising for patients on the move and embracing emerging technology.

Being intuitive in designing across all mediums and interfaces, designing for your customer and putting people first, keeping abreast of where design is going (forward thinking) is your competitive advantage.

  • Vision and Passion

At the start of the course, our teachers instructed every student to only work on problems they are truly passionate about solving. The UX course quickly became a platform for our students to test various ideas, with some of these concepts now seeking to further develop into startups. That fire in the belly to succeed and to see the outcomes of their passion helped them maintain that self motivation and moved them forward — living by the principle, you got to do what you love, and love what you do.

  • Social Impact: Business for Good

Our very own Xi team member Kory Leung designed Spark, to create a transparent platform where you can donate to charities on your own terms that feels genuine and creates a personalised experience through a 1 to 1 relationship.

This platform was designed with social enterprise in mind. Through the several weeks of customer validation, and proving traction on his concept, it showed the rise and power of social enterprise, proving that business can be for good.

  • We Are Family: We are Community driven

Over the course of their studies, we watched our students grow quite close, not just to one another but also with our teachers. The class structure of 20 students allowed peer support, better engagement and allowed the students to learn from each other. This environment was set up by our teachers and the structure of the classroom. Students sat at one big table where they were able to face each other not just the front of the room. Students discussed and learned as a group, growing with each other in the process.

It has been one of the most rewarding days, seeing our students graduate and we couldn’t be more proud to be part of their journey, now ready to change the world.

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