How a Sydney Entrepreneur Pitched His Startup Idea to McDonald’s

The average commuter spends an hour or so in transit everyday but Richard Savoie, founder of Staybil, envisions a society where daily commutes are kept to a minimal and employees can work conveniently.

“We will revolutionize not just how work is found, but how it is kept. By tearing down data opacity and information asymmetry, workers and companies both benefit from stability and flexibility, and society will benefit from less vehicles in the network,” he said.

Staybil is a platform that creates employee stability through human mobility. It allows businesses to visualise and optimise their employees so they work as close to home and other work locations as possible. This reduces turnover, absenteeism, stress, and carbon emissions while lifting engagement, and health.

Richard’s vision to solve a major problem and creating a solution to address that need has definitely paid off. In June this year, Staybil was named the merit recipient of the “Big Data Innovation of the Year” category at the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) NSW iAwards, the nation’s leading awards program for innovation in the digital economy.

The idea behind Staybil arose when Richard discovered that a friend’s daughter would drive past three other McDonald’s to reach the one she worked at, everyday. Digging deeper, Richard discovered that this was very common, not just in McDonald’s but within the entire service sector.

“As soon as you hear that, you think; that’s insane — and it is! For me as an engineer, I started to think about what we’re currently doing to fix that problem. We’re building more roads to accommodate an increasing number of cars, trains, and public transport. White-collar workers are trying to telecommute, but that doesn’t help anyone working at a brick and mortar store,” says Richard

Staybil utilises Machine Learning and sophisticated data sets to address the root causes of traffic and congestion and bring a disruptive solution that is long overdue. Using the Google Maps API and the API of transport networks, Richard created a map for companies to relocate and redistribute employees based on where they live and how they commute — essentially creating the basis of Staybil.But, like many startups, having a great idea isn’t enough — Richard decided to practice his pitch at Academy Xi’s Pitch X.

“One take might be what’s happened since Pitch X is got us to here. Our actual product is still of course inspired by the same vision, but we’ve also moved into aligned problems such as designing smart cities, congestion, commuting visualisation, and more!”, explained Richard.

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