As we kicked off our latest User Experience Design course at the new Academy which was a superb high energy, high participation day that left the students feeling exhausted, exhilarated and ready for the next lesson. What struck me this time around is how passionate these students are about changing the world. Not a single student mentioned money, fame or any other measure of outward facing success as a reason for signing up to this course. Although many have great ambitions to become financially successful, their primary drivers have stemmed from their hearts and are oozing with authenticity.

This, of course, reminded me a quote from the iconic 60’s movie, To Sir With Love. When a student asked Sidney Poitier. “is it wrong to want to change the world?” he responded with:

It is your duty to change the world, if you can.

After recently mentoring a large Design Thinking event, it became painfully apparent that people want to change the world but they don’t know where to start:

  • “How do we change the world in isolation?

  • There is so much to do to improve the world and it’s overwhelming to know where to start”

… were the common themes on those days.

Changing the world can only happen when we’re committed to embracing what we’re naturally great at and developing those talents and abilities.

In a recent article I mentioned that the chronic shortage of UX talent in Australia is only going to become more chronic. With the large corporates competing for established and emerging UX talent and small agencies such as ours working hard to create meaningful experiences, there’s never been a better time to leap into UX as a profession.

Changing the world, one interaction at a time. One idea at a time. One follow through at a time.

This is why I chose User Experience Design as my vocation. Over the years I’ve learned that I can indeed change the world around me, if I’m coming from a place of personal Truth and authenticity.

Getting into User Experience Design requires work, focus and discipline. Anyone who touts that after a few months of part time learning, you’re ready to become a highly paid UX designer is misrepresenting the truth. You will become a UX designer if you put the hard work and effort in. You have no choice but to have a body of work to show.

As for where to learn to study User Experience Design? Of course, I will show bias. I feel that this is our best course yet – the content has been upped to a level that is designed to push students even further into their capability as UX Designers – if they choose to take the challenge.

Wishing you a success-fulfilling week.

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